as long as I can think back, I have been drawing and painting with dedication and passion. already during my early childhood, I felt that a boundless, inner world opened up to me. giving it shape during hours of meditation, first with pencils, paints and brushes and later with various other means and techniques, still fills me with vitality and power today.

by the way, every object, every imaginable material has always inspired me to make something out of it. at pre-school age, I made first small handicrafts from begged scraps of fabric and wool. I was able to acquire a few skills by watching my knitting and sewing mother, my grandmothers and aunts. later on I benefited from my extraordinarily attentive kindergarten teacher and my drawing, needlework and woodwork teachers, who taught me with commitment.

I came into contact with the fine arts at kindergarten age through reproductions of paintings and photos of sculptures on calendar sheets or in illustrated magazines. looking at these pictures deeply moved me, and later on seeing art in reality during visits to exhibitions almost overwhelmed me. At that time I only had one wish: to become a painter! my parents enabled me to visit a painting studio for several years. the studio owner also supported me strongly in her calm, subtle way.

Renata Mauriello

my professional career began in 1974 when I attended the preliminary course at the art school and then started an apprenticeship as a graphic designer in basel. since training opportunities were very rare at that time, I felt extraordinarily privileged. the training, which was still completely handicraft-oriented, included practical work in the graphic design studio as well as systematically acquiring design techniques during the lessons at the art school, and it thrilled me. some of the things I learned then still influence my work today.

my first contract of employment after the apprenticeship took me to zurich. after a few years, my second lifelong dream came true here: to have a family with several children. between 1982 and 1991 I became mother of two sons, a daughter and another two sons. inspired by the vitality, imagination and uninhibited creativity of my children, I started to work with all kinds of materials even more freely during this time.

since the mid nineties I have been working as a freelance artist and from time to time I show my work in exhibitions. in 1999 I completed a second training as an art therapist, which enabled me to work part-time in the areas of studio management, socio-culture, therapy and
care as well as in the adult education for two decades. besides I worked for a long time as a waitress, cook and knitter and I also gave private lessons in italian language.

with this background full of experience and creative inspiration, I can concentrate today on my independent artistic work and on art projects that my partner, the artist florian schlumpf, and I develop together.

surrounded by my five children flavio, fabrizio, ilaria, stefano and amedeo, my extended family and connected with many good friends, I live and work in zurich, district 4, and in trimmis in the rhine valley near chur.